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Beer + Yoga = Community


Yoga+Beer Photo #4

Beer and Yoga may seem like an unlikely match, even counterintuitive, but they have more in common than one would think.  Last Saturday, Empire Farm Brewery welcomed 30 yogis into the new production brewery in Cazenovia for a morning of blissed out yoga followed by an Empire Brew in the tasting room.  The event was the first of its kind to be offered at Empire and was well received by both the yoga and craft beer communities that gathered.

Yoga is a practice of flow, muscle building and mindfulness. The yoga studio is well-kept, with many helpful props and the controlled smells of incense and essential oils.  Yoga in the brewery strips down those familiarities. The brewery offers a different sensory experience with large tanks giving off the sounds and smells of fermentation, high ceilings and the occasional barley grain scattered on the floor.  Beer + Yoga give’s fresh perspective to the seasoned yogi and also makes the practice approachable to newcomers.

The craft beer drinker today is active.  The Empire tasting room welcomes runners, skiers and bikers alike for a post-workout recovery drink, giving those communities a place to gather.  Yoga is becoming just as social.  In a studio setting, many times yogis will roll up their mats and head home.  Beer + Yoga offers more.  Saturday’s instructor Sophie Tashkovski said, “This was a great opportunity to bring people together to have a community aspect to yoga.”

In an overnight sell-out of last Saturday’s event, Beer + Yoga will return on February 18, 2017 with back to back classes in collaboration with the O Yoga Studio.  Empire looks to offer regular yoga and wellness classes monthly through our Beer+ program, always ending with your favorite Empire Brew. Cheers!

Yoga+Beer Photo #2