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Brewin’ up some local love!

Greyrock Farmers

Greyrock Farmers


The new Empire Farm Brewery opens in less than 3 months! Our growth over the past 20 years wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our local community and we couldn’t be prouder of our NYS partners. We are so thankful for the relationships that we’ve built and we look forward to making new friends along the way!


Feldmeier Brew Tanks

Manufacturing stainless steel processing equipment for over 60 years, Feldmeier Equipment Inc. based out of Syracuse, NY has produced large scale tanks for businesses across the country. Empire’s expansion became an opportunity for Feldmeier to build their very first brewhouse. Our new 60 BBL, fully automated brewhouse will be considered a showpiece for Feldmeier, helping them advance their reputation in the brewing industry. Complete with a mirror finish, this brewhouse is truly one of a kind. Of course the Brewery wouldn’t be complete without a state of the art bottling line, which we commissioned from Prospero Equipment, based out of Pleasantville, NY. The bottling line will process 60 bottles a minute!


Prospero bottling line

Meadows Farm in Cazenovia, NY has been providing our downtown location with local beef for decades, and the Farmstead Brewery will be opening right across the street from their farm! Meadows Farms plans on increasing their herd in order to satisfy our growing needs, and in return their cows will receive a hot meal of our spent grain, fresh from the new brewery. Greyrock Farm in Cazenovia, NY is another local farm that Empire has been working with for years. With their own CSA (community supported agriculture) program, we have access to great local produce year round from Greyrock Farm. Ever tried our pig burger? You can thank Bostrom Farms Meat Market, based out of Stanley, NY for that tasty menu item.

more farm pics

Foothill hop Farmers, Meadows Farm & a close up view of hops


Scott Ouderkirk Studios and River Road Farm have been providing us with local honey, but now they are providing us with the bees! The new Empire Farmstead Brewery will have its very own apiary, which has been maturing over the past year in Hammond, New York.


Scott Ouderkirk Studios and River Road Farm Apiary

One of our favorite examples of local sustainability is the recent resurgence of hop horticulture. Madison County was actually the hop capital of the world pre-prohibition, and the development of our second brewery location has reinvigorated the industry. The Bineyard, Foothill Hops Farm and Pedersen Farms are a few of our neighborhood farms who will be providing locally grown hops for our handcrafted ales and lagers. We will also continue to source locally ground coffee beans from Cafe Kubal out of Syracuse, NY for our popular seasonal brew, Local Grind.

From top left: Cafe Kubal, Greyrock CSA Store, Clark Hollow Hops & fresh Greyrock Veggies!

The brand new Empire Farm Brewery will be open in Cazenovia before the start of summer. We believe the addition of the brewery will continue to stimulate the local economy and serve as a powerful example of the ‘buy local’ mentality. We hold our commitment to our community very close to our hearts, and we know that without the support of our neighbors, we would not be where we are today. Cheers to local love!