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Sweet Fire Returns




Some of you may remember Sweet Fire from NYC Beer Week 2014, an imperial chocolate chili stout, brewed in collaboration with a handful of NYC Bars that included The Blind Tiger, Spring Lounge, Taproom 307, and The Gingerman, and the women than ran them!

The beer came out so delicious and the collaboration was so much fun that we couldn’t resist doing it again!  THIS YEAR, we switched things up a little bit. The participating bars in the 2015 version of Sweet Fire included some veterans and some new faces! We invited The Blind Tiger, Spring Lounge, and Taproom 307 back, and we also included The Pony Bar and George Keeleys to jump in the mix!

Katherine, Hayley, Jen, Anne, Lindsey, Cherisse, and Britt joined Empire Brewing Company Brand Manager Olivia Cerio and brewmaster Tim Butler in Syracuse this January and got in the brewery to recreate this recipe and delicious beer. Just like last year this imperial stout is brewed and fermented with cocoa nibs and a special chili blend, giving it a tantalizing chocolate aroma and flavor and a heat that creeps onto the palate and builds into a beautiful balance of sweetness and hotness.

The release party for this beer will be at The Blind Tiger on Thursday February 19th and the beer will be on tap at the other 4 bars throughout NYC Beer Week 2015 (Feb 20th-Mar1st)

Listen to the some of the girls chat about the collaboration on Beer Sessions Radio!


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NYC Beer Week – Empire Collaboration Brew




Last October, 5 friends got together at a a beer event in Brooklyn, and thought,  “We should all brew a beer together, how much fun would that be?!”

Let us introduce you to four of NYC’s most notable craft beer bars and the women who run them: Katherine–The Blind Tiger;  Jen–The Spring Lounge;  Anne–The Gingerman; and Hayley–Taproom 307.

Recently, they joined Empire Brand Manager Olivia Cerio, Brewmaster Tim Butler, and Brewer Nat TenEyck here in Syracuse to work together in our brewery to create this collaboration beer to be released during NYC Craft Beer Week (Feb 21- Mar 2).

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