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New Empire Farm Brewery Menu


We regret to inform everyone who was looking forward to the new Hot Dog Menu, that it was in fact an April Fools prank. We’re the wurst.


Hot dog-centric menu incorporates American tradition with contemporary culinary culture.

Empire Farm Brewery is proud to present the tasting room menu for the brand new Cazenovia location! Founder David Katleski, Brewmaster Tim Butler, and Executive Chef Matt Riddett have created a hot dog-centric menu, featuring gourmet hot dogs prepared with Empire’s handcrafted beers. Pair any dog with it’s proprietary beer style for a superior dining experience.

You might ask, why hot dogs? A long time ball player, David Katleski has had a love for hot dogs since his days as a catcher. “I love hot dogs, my boys love hot dogs, even my dog loves hotdogs. What’s not to love?” Several of the new menu items have been regular meals at the Katleski household for years.


David’s dog, Frankie.

The average American consumes 50 hot dogs per year. The standard dog is usually topped with ketchup, mustard, and maybe a little relish. Empire’s new menu reinvigorates this American tradition, emphasizing local ingredients and fresh flavor profiles.

Remember to check back in for updates on the Empire Farm Brewery grand opening, so that you can try these dogs for yourself!



‘Banger Dog’, featuring Black Magic StoutBanger Dog: Corned beef hot dog made with our Black Magic Stout, served in a baked potato and topped with caramelized onions and thick gravy… $9

Boho Fido: All vegan ‘hot dog’ made with local ingredients and our Skinny Atlas Light, served with locally grown dandelions in a lettuce wrap… $9 (Gluten and sugar free)

Dragon Doggy: Smoked pork dog made with our Two Dragons Ale and wrapped up with cabbage in a fried egg roll. Served with soy sauce… $10



‘Lost Dog’, featuring Lost Dog Pale Ale

Lost Dog (V): A bun topped with ketchup and mustard… $2

Perro Caliente: Traditional dog made with our El Niño Ale, served in a warm tortilla with refried beans, jalepeños, salsa and Cholula… $7 (Spicy)



‘Good Dog’, featuring Cream Ale

Good Dog: Traditional dog made with our Cream Ale, served à la mode with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge and a cherry… $8

Purple Puppy: Traditional dog made with our Deep Purple, served on white bread with peanut butter and but into quarters… $5 (Option of creamy or crunchy peanut butter)

Jedi Dog: Foot long corn dog, battered with our Strikes Bock Ale and served on a saber stick with green relish… $8

Purebred: Belgian Vienna 100% beef dog made with our Belgian Dubbel, served on a waffle with sauerkraut and mustard… $9