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Farm to Table





Summertime at the farm means fresh veggies delivered straight to your plate. Empire Farm Brewery sits on 22 acres of land and features five vegetable gardens and one herb garden. So far this year we have harvested snap peas, green tomatoes, purple basil, cucumbers, watermelon radishes, icicle radishes, and honey drew. We get chives and cilantro from our herb garden. Our crops are used in a variety of ways, from daily specials to award winning Empire ales and lagers.

Our general manager, Bre Barzee, had a vision for these gardens and has brought them to life. Every week before work Bre comes in early and tends to the gardens. She has been in charge of planting the seeds, weeding, and picking the final product. The satisfaction of delivering true farm freshness is something that cannot be obtained overnight.


“We chose vegetables we knew we could utilize in the kitchen and sell to our guests. All of the crops we planted are heirloom from the Michigan Gardener.”


For those of you who are interested in planting your own garden at home we’ve asked Bre for her best gardening tip. According to Bre, “We add worm casing to the soil which adds extra nutrients.” Happy gardening everybody!