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In October 2014, at a Brooklyn beer event, 5 friends decided to join forces over a unique beer collaboration by beer industry women.  Empire Brewing Company welcomed the collaboration with open arms.  The women presented the idea of a new beer style that would have big flavor and incorporate unique ingredients.  Head Brewer, Tim Butler, was put to the test and delivered a recipe unlike any other.  The collaboration’s success in 2014 made this an instant tradition for the ladies of Sweet Fire and Empire Brewing Company alike.

Since that first brew in 2014 the Sweet Fire collaboration has grown to 14 women involved in the brewing process of the imperial stout.  They are an eclectic group of women with a mutual love of craft beer.  The women of Sweet Fire are entrepreneurs, sales woman, cicerones, managers, writers and representatives to some of the top beer establishments in the metro New York area.  They come from far and wide, most moving to NYC in their adults lives and finding themselves in one of the fastest growing industries in the state, craft beer.

In the past two years, the Brewsters, a term from the middle ages referring to female brewers, would create small batches on the Empire brewpub 7BBL system and release the liquid at limited quantities to the establishment’s they worked for.   Much has changed for Empire Brewing Company in the past year in the opening of their 60BBL farm brewery in Cazenovia.  This year the Sweet Fire women were invited to Central New York to brew on the state of the art production style brewery at a quantity for mass distribution in bottles and kegs throughout New York State and New Jersey.  The liquid is available at a limited release while supplies last.

Sweet Fire is an imperial chocolate chili stout with a tantalizing chocolate flavor and heat that creeps onto the palate, presenting a beautiful balance of sweetness and hotness. 8.3 ABV%

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We are proud to introduce to you to these notable women in craft, and this years Sweet Fire brewsters; 

Cheers to you ladies, and thanks for the pure liquid!