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A sweet note from our beekeeper, it’s liquid gold!


Hey honey,

Going into my first summer of beekeeping I had not a clue of what I was getting myself into. After a bit of research and one Syracuse Beekeepers meeting I realized it would be a small part of my job. I told myself a half day of research and the rest of the day executing—no big deal. I had no idea it would turn into the best part of my day, week and job. I learned a lot too, like how to light a smoker, what a full bee suite felt like on a hot summer day, and what it’s like to move slow, simply observing a thriving colony made up of a thousand small beings.

It became something I shared, often. And I started to not only see my knowledge of honey bees grow, but my colleagues understanding grow as well. Co-workers started to eagerly join me in managing the hives and ask in-depth questions about new hive trends and late-summer swarming. I knew going into this that I was responsible for educating myself on this fascinating hobby but who knew I would have my Empire team behind me doing just the same.

Then something amazing happened, honey! In an unexpected turn of events I extracted ninety pounds of what I call “liquid gold.” Enough to supply our tasting room, make available for retail sale, and even enough to brew a small batch of honey beer at our Syracuse brewpub. (Drum roll) This is what I present to you. Our amazing brewers have crafted the most decedent honey brown-ale and it’s on tap at both of our locations for your drinking pleasure at a limited quantity. Deemed the “Backyard Buzz” this English-style brown-ale will send you into notes of chocolate and toffee, and leave you with a distinctive sweet honey roasted finish. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Save the bees, drink Backyard Buzz!

Bee yourself,

Jackie Wood, Empire Beekeeper