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Building Beer – Week 34

Week 34

2016 ushers in… equipment!


Thanks to great weather in December, things couldn’t be moving along smoother here at the Farm. This past week we began heating portions of the interior in preparation for epoxy wall and floor finishes, and some of our brewing equipment has already started to arrive.

wp 1

The guys from Barnhart Crane & Rigging helped us unload and set our beautiful Fulton Boiler. We left the south facing wall of our mechanical room open and once the boiler was set, the wall was installed so that we could start heating. You can also see our RMS Grain Mill sitting on the second floor of the utility room in the picture on the right. This will allow us to gravity feed our milled grain to the grist case located on the first floor.



Always made in the USA, RMS Roller Grinder has been serving the Agricultural and Brewing industries for 30 years.

We can’t wait to fire this baby up!

wp 2

The board and batten hemlock siding looks spectacular.

wp 3

Drywall was installed and concrete curbs were poured in the production area.


During the next 30 days we will accept delivery and install most of our brewing equipment including brew house and fermentation vessels from Feldmeier Equipment.

May you have a safe and happy new year, we look forward to celebrating the grand opening of the Farm Brewery in the spring!

– Nick