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Consider Beer to Pair with your Thanksgiving Feast

There’s one thing we can all be thankful for this holiday: beer. Beer can be great to drink along with your Thanksgiving meal. We’ve got you covered with some great suggestions that will pair well with the first course to the final bite.

When you arrive for Thanksgiving kick things off with something that won’t overwhelm your taste buds such as Skinny Atlas Light. This beer is both refreshing and light, making it a great beer to get the party started right.

Turkey Time: Slo Mo’ IPA can be the perfect complement to your turkey. It also pairs perfectly with sides like mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.

If IPA’s aren’t your thing, East Coast Amber provides just the right balance of English Malt and American hops to bring out the flavor in your turkey.

When it comes to dessert, there’s nothing like the Black Magic Stout, it features dry roasted flavors, hints of chocolate and coffee on the finish that pairs perfectly with that pumpkin pie or apple crisp a la mode for an unforgettable end to your meal.

Not the dessert type? Have a pint of Deep Purple, it can be the best way to end your Thanksgiving feast. The flavors are dry yet fruit forward, with a dark purple color and huge grape aroma. Kick back with a cold one!

Are you thirsty yet? Pick up these brews at your local Wegmans, Tops, Target or swing by the Syracuse brewpub or the Empire Farm Brewery in Cazenovia. Cheers to you, and we hope you have a very happy holiday!

Thanksgiving Craft Beer Recipes

Beer? We put that in everything! This Thanksgiving, consider brining your turkey in beer, for a tender and juicy turkey.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate beer into your Thanksgiving feast, here’s a recipe that is sure to land you a spot at the adult table!

A Buzzworthy Year in the E-piary


It has been one year with our honey bee neighbors at the Empire Farm Brewery and also an eventful year filled with high, lows and honey! As a tribute to our queens and worker bees here’s the Buzz on our 2017 season in the E-piary.

“Winter is coming” is nothing to laugh about in the beekeeping world. Our five hives went into winter equipped with boxes full of honey, in the northwest corner of our property, wrapped in roofing paper to help with insulation. Our winter in CNY this year was inconsistent and the constant changes in temperature left our bees with a slim chance for survival.

With a 50% overwinter failure rate for honey bees in NYS we were victims to those statistics. Out of the 5 hives from last season we ended up with 2 living hives, but luckily we knew that they were the strongest. Now a few months into our warmer weather you can see the two hives filled with honey reaching close to five feet high! Extraction will take place sometime in August and honey will be divided between the brewery, kitchen and a small amount for retail sale for interested customers.

We were also able to preform a split from one of the hives, this is the act of taking young larvae or eggs from one hive along with worker bees and honey to start a new colony. After the split the queen-less hive was transported over 2 miles from our farm brewery so the worker bees inside would not be able to find their old hive. Once they realize they are without a queen and far from their previous hive it is time to get to work on raising a new queen. Worker bees create larger queen cells around existing eggs and feed them copious amounts of royal jelly. Royal jelly is fed to all eggs but the amount fed to a future queen triggers the development of her reproductive parts that only a queen has. This process take around 26 days and it is important to leave the small hive alone during this time, we will have to wait and see if the split was successful.

That’s all for now from the E-piary, but bee on the look out to try our estate honey for yourself on our tasting room menu, in our retail shop and on our beer list to see what all the buzz is about!

(Pictured right is Beekeeper Jackie with her mentor John Ferguson.) 






On the first Thursday of August, which falls on August 3 this year, join us and celebrate IPA Day, raise a glass to one of craft beer’s most iconic styles: the India pale ale.

Celebrate with one of these 4 Empire IPA’s!


Slo Mo’ IPA 6.5% ABV

Slo Mo’ is a true American IPA brewed with a blend of Falconer’s Flight and Mosaic Hops to convey bright tropical citrus notes and a crisp dry finish.

Liv & Let Rye 6.5% ABV

30% Rye malts give this IPA a spicy, peppery kick. The hops include: Nugget, Citra, and Falconers Flight.

Seshquatch Session IPA: 4.5% ABV

This is our first session IPA brewed with a big flavor while maintaining a lower ABV.  Even with the use of bittering hops this style finishes as a crisp, easy drinking IPA.

A session beer speaks to the ABV of the liquid, ranging from 3-5% alcohol by volume, with the ability to put back a few pints in a session and still remain coherent. A session IPA combines the hoppiness of an IPA with the lower alcohol content of a session beer.


Apres IPA 7.2% ABV *Only available at Empire Farm Brewery

Our Apres IPA, hopped heavily w/ 6 kettle additions of Falconers Flight. It has a citrus aroma and a bright earthy flavor, with just the right amount of malt balance.

Happy drinking!


Solstice Flow

A YOGA fundraiser to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association

Wenesday -June 21, 2017 – 6:30-7:30pm

Vinyasa flow with Kyle Carleo

The Longest Day is all about love. Love for all those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. On the summer solstice, Empire Brewing Company has teamed up with the Alzheimer’s Association to bring you yoga in on the patio- to help end Alzheimer’s. Together, we will raise funds and awareness for care and support while advancing research toward the fist survivor of Alzheimer’s.

100% of proceeds with benefit those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease in our community 

Pints, Poses & Perennials

Channel your inner botanist because our Beer+ wellness program is being brought to the next level this Mother’s Day weekend. On Saturday, May 13th we will be offering a Vinyassa Yoga class at 10:30 followed by a Bodhi Barre class at noon.

Tickets are $20 and include class, a pint of Empire brew and a potted perennial from a selection of plants provided by Maple Hill Nursery. Landscapes East of Minoa, NY will host the plant sale and additonal plants will be availble for purchase, a representative will be on site to talk plants!

What is Vinyasa Flow?
Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga where poses are seamlessly woven together with an emphasis on linking breath to movement. In a Vinyasa Flow class there is a great sense of fluidity and opening. This is an all levels class, great for both the beginner yogi and experienced practitioner.

What is Bodhi Barre?
Bodhi Barre is a Syracuse Barre Studio and an exciting fast paced workout that will work your whole body in an hour. It is a fusion of ballet technique, core strengthening, Pilates and yoga that will challenge your mind and change your body. It is designed for all levels of fitness so no experience is necessary but there is no limit to how good you can be at it or how great you will look and feel! We are honored to have studio owner, Colette Carderala join us!

What Else Do I Get With My Ticket?
You get a full hour class + a full pint of your favorite Empire Brew AND a potted plant!



Have you heard the buzz?


Have you heard the buzz? Empire has a new beer style coming soon. PEACH BUZZ is a light bodied wheat beer flavored with fresh peach puree and Empire’s own estate honey.

Director of Brewing Operations Tim Butler gives us the scoop on his latest creation:

Why Peach?
“Back in the late 90’s, Empire made a lighter style fruit beer with peach puree that was a very popular seller. Fruit beers have been gaining in popularity and the demand is especially high in the summertime. CRANBABY and DEEP PURPLE were two experimental fruit brands that have proven incredibly successful at the brewpub.”

What would you say to fruit beer skeptics?
“We have a philosophy here that our beers should always taste like beer first. When I make a new recipe featuring esoteric or fruity flavors, I want to develop a flavor profile that is balanced and always a beer drinker’s beer. At the same time, I know this beer will appeal to someone who is looking for that thirst-quenching, fruit characteristic”

Where do you see yourself drinking the Peach Buzz?
“I know exactly how this will go. I’ll enjoy my very first Peach Buzz, relaxing after a long day in the brewery. Ahhhh, can’t wait. It’s going to be good.”

OPEN Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday Hours:

Empire Farm Brewery: 11:30am-9:00pm
Syracuse Brewpub: 10:00am-3:00pm (Live music: 12:30-2:30pm)
*Easter Sunday specials at both locations

PSA: Empire Farm Brewery will have an Easter Egg Hunt starting at 11:30am. Prizes for adults and kids alike, all ages are welcome. Find the ‘Brewmaster egg’ and win a day in the brewery with Director of Brewing Operations, Tim Butler!

Hop on over and see us!

Girl Scout Cookie Pairing 2017


Join Empire Brewing Company for our 2nd annual Girl Scout Cookie Pairing! Last year was such a hit we have decided to offer this exclusive pairing at both Empire locations. Each cookie has been thoughtfully paired with a 6oz pour of one of Empire’s tasty handcrafted brews that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The fun starts at the Syracuse Brewpub on Monday, March 20 and picks up at the Farm Brewery in Cazenovia on Thursday, March 23.

Here’s how the cookie crumbles:

Local Grind paired with a S’more

Black Magic Stout paired with a Thin Mint

Tog Grog paired with a Samoa

Cream Ale paired with a Trefoil

White Aphro paired with a Savannah Smile

Cranbaby paired with a Tagalong

This tasty pairing is only available while supplies last, grab your sweet tooth and head to either Empire location starting the week of March 20! See you there.


Empire Farmhouse Tap Pulls Out All the Hops

Empire Brewing Company is proud to present a new wave of creative brewing, being brought to you exclusively on draft at our Syracuse Brewpub and Cazenovia Farm Brewery.

The Empire Farmhouse tap is a symbol of innovation and experimentation.  It speaks to our brewer’s creativity and abilities, while giving our patrons the first taste into what is to come from Empire.  We will be here to see what you like and use your pallet and expertise to guide us. The Farmhouse tap will be the front line for new styles before they are considered for bottling and distribution.

Interested in Empire Brew’s you can’t find anywhere else?

Here’s our current lineup:

Worst Day IPA: 6.0% ABV

Our first Oops on our new 60BBL production brewery proved favorable by many Empire patrons, proof that good things can come from your worst days. This medium bodies IPA is jam packed with Mosaic hops and malt sweetness, and an aromatic hop nose from 50lbs of Citra that was dry-hopped during fermentation. Get the full story here.

 Particle City: 8.0% ABV

A New England Style double IPA brewed with 20% flaked oats and a generous amount of pale malt. Hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops at a rate of 5 lbs. per barrel, this hazy, fragrant ale focuses on late whirlpool additions and a three stage dry hop.

New England IPAs are beers that are purposely hazy or cloudy, which can give these brews a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, with little to no hop bitterness at the end utilizing hops that impart a tropical, juicy sweetness.

Session IPA: 5.0% ABV

This is our first session IPA brewed with a big flavor while maintaining a lower ABV.  Even with the use of bittering hops this style finishes as a crisp, easy drinking IPA.

A session beer speaks to the ABV of the liquid, ranging from 3-5% alcohol by volume, with the ability to put back a few pints in a session and still remain coherent. A session IPA combines the hoppiness of an IPA with the lower alcohol content of a session beer.

If you’re feeling thirsty for one of these IPAs, remember they are on draft only at Empire Brewing Company. Visit us at our main page for hours of operation and what’s on tap! Follow us @empirebrew for the latest on our Farmhouse tap.