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Brew News: Worst Day IPA


It was an ordinary morning at Empire Farm Brewery and like clock work the production team geared up for another day of brewing.  With safety glasses on and slip grip boots in toe the brewer’s started their day’s work.  With the push of a button, in the fully automated brewhouse, over 4000lbs of malting barley made its way into the building to be milled and added to the mash tun for a batch of Slo Mo IPA.   It wasn’t long before the brewer’s realized the mash was stuck!  With some troubleshooting and pure force the mash moved into the lauter tun, where grain and wort (sugary water) are separated.  Phew, they dodged a bullet!  Covered in sweat and confusion they continued to make beer.  But just a moment later the brewhouse began to experience major automation glitches!  What was the deal?  A power outage… They soon realized the building had experienced a power surge the night before and the entire brewhouse had been uncalibrated, yikes.  Anything else? Of course, we all know things come in threes.  Next, the boil kettle was registering a full tank of wort but was just over half full, with all the ingredients of a full batch. (Let us stress the massive amounts of malt and hops in a Slo Mo)  It was decided that the brew team would let the cycle run its course, but it was clear that they had created an entirely new brew.  A hazy IPA with medium body and extra malt sweetness!  Director of Brewing, Tim Butler, took it a step further and utilized our hop cannon for the first time ever to dry hop the brew with 50lbs of Citra, a prized west coast proprietary hop, to give this beer a bright hoppy nose.  In a final tribute to this historic day in Empire Farm Brewery history, brewer Jimmy so simply put, “that was the worst day ever, man” and the rest is history.

Thanks for letting us vent about our worst day ever, to say thanks we’ve kegged it and made it available for your drinking pleasure EXCLUSIVELY at Empire Farm Brewery in Cazenovia, NY!  It the first beer to be featured on our farmhouse tap series of one-offs and specialty batches offered only at Empire Brewing Company.